Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another classic in the remake dept. MAD MONSTER PARTY

Clay animation. A childhood favorite for many of us. I have it in vhs (Archaic I know) and dvd.

For us, this flick gets dusted off and it comes out on Halloween.

Mad Monster Party is going to be made a live-action film by Warner Bros. Rumor has it that it will release in 2011.

The story goes that Baron Von Frankenstein calls all of the classic monsters to his house for a conference. At the conference he is going to announce who he is going to leave his riches to. Of course everyone is clamoring over it but Frankenstein is going to give it to his normal nephew. Chaos and comedy insue. (Source: Jacky Gilardi)

Who can forget, Little Tibia & the Fibias.

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